Thursday, January 24, 2008

Are you Right-brained or Left-brained?

Here is an interesting test to figure it out, in case you already didn't know. Most of us have a dominant side of the brain and we fall into one of the two categories. Some people are closer to the border and it will be easy for them to switch from clockwise to counter clockwise, and vice versa. I for one, found it hard to switch directions.

Do you know which is your dominant eye? The dominant eye is the eye that directly looks at the object, and the other eye looks from a slight angle. This is what gives us depth perception. In some cases, it is useful to know this information.

An easy test you can perform to determine your dominant eye:
If you are sitting in a room, point at any object that is at least 10-12 ft away from you. Hold your arm still and close your left eye. If your finger is still pointing to the object, your dominant eye is the right eye. If not, it is your left eye. I discovered this when I started playing pool. If you do not use the dominant eye to aim the cue, you will miss your shot.